Curiosity Kids Story

Curiosity Kids was started by parents of two curious children who would constantly ask them questions such as ‘How do plants grow? Why do we see the moon only at night?’ etc. To encourage this habit of exploring their world, their mum started to plan simple experiments for them to understand concepts of science that come into play in our daily lives.

Curiosity offers practical science experiment classes to foster the habit of observing and exploring! Our ideology is to encourage children to connect with science and learn what role science plays in our daily lives. This connection to science with our daily life activities (whether it’s brushing our teeth, or riding on the school bus) makes learning exciting and enjoyable for young minds.

Curiosity Kids prides itself on hiring experienced and engaging teachers. All our instructors have certified backgrounds in education and childhood learning, and are passionate about helping children maximise their full potential.

Our Teaching Philosophy

  • Curiosity


  • Creativity


  • Confidence


  • Communication




Stuti co-founded Curiosity Kids in 2016 after quitting her full-time job as she felt a need for such hands-on, engaging and educational science experiment classes. She is passionate about developing and designing creative methods to engage young minds. Prior to Curiosity Kids she has fifteen years of experience in Financial Services & Human Resources across Hong Kong, Singapore and India. She has a degree in Economics and an MBA. Stuti lives in Singapore.



Anuj is an investor with over twenty years of experience and co- founded Curiosity Kids. Anuj believes that for young minds to comprehend and enjoy sciences in higher classes, a very positive and enjoyable experience needs to be created for science in their minds at a young age. He is an engineer from Indian Institute of Technology (BHU), Varanasi and an MBA from Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, India. Anuj lives in Singapore.



Rahat believes that it is important to develop keen observation skills and foster curiosity in kids – by creating a conducive environment for them to freely question – thus making them ready for today’s dynamic and global world. Prior to joining Curiosity Kids in 2020 she worked at Macquarie. She has an MBA from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai, India.