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Offline Experiences :

Curiosity Kids Lab (for Schools)

Regular Sessions


• Age 3 – 9 years: These experiences (classes/workshops/camps) are designed to lay the foundation for children to observe & explore concepts of science and think how these scientific concepts come into play in our daily lives.
• Children perform hands on experiments to enhance their understanding and are encouraged to observe and predict outcomes and discuss their findings with their peers. Children also work on projects to demonstrate their learning and understanding.

Online Experiences

• Age 5 – 9 years: Online experiences are designed to encourage children
to explore science from the comfort of their home, using things readily available at home.
• Every child performs all the experiments in an online experience ( like in our offline experience). This hands on approach is key to engaging children and make learning effective.

Birthday/Private Parties:

• Engaging and interactive science theme parties for 3 to 9 years old children,
where they get to perform all the experiments themselves – which makes the
party just as entertaining as it is educational.
• Parties are at your own venue.

Our Philosophy

Curiosity Kids believes kids need to be encouraged and empowered to be curious and ask questions, be creative in solving and answering those questions, have the confidence to explore, learn and experiment, and be able to effectively communicate with their peers and educators.


Children are born with natural curiosity, it is important to
foster it


Children are encouraged to be creative and explore the world
around them


We encourage children to be confident in sharing observations/questions with us and other students.


Improve communication skills by sharing ideas and thoughts in an articulate manner

Curiosity Kids Birthday Party !

Thanks to Curiosity Kids for making my daughter’s birthday party a unique experience as kids indulged in doing the fun science experiments. The instructors were too good and gave personal attention to every kid. Overall, it was a fun-filled learning experience.

Fun & educative experiments

She told me about the experiment where CO2 gas was formed. She got a glass with balloon and demonstrated how things can pop out of it. She had an amazing experience. She learnt what a chemical is and what all daily objects have chemicals in them.


Science is fun

The child was happy to make a project and learn from it. He was elated to learn how sound travels. Please bring more fun related concepts. You should do weekly workshops.


Science around us

Child loved doing all the experiments and was most excited about the gems experiment. He told us about some of the everyday things which have chemicals in them and the chemical reactions which happen around us. The kids had fun. Thank you for arranging this.


Fun filled & knowledgeable workshop

It was a fun experience, child learnt about force in the workshop. He is excited to come back for future workshops, It was a fun filled & knowledgeable workshop.


An enjoyable learning experience

Karman really enjoyed his workshop. He was excited to tell us about the experiments, the use of various lab equipments, states of matter and concepts of force & energy. He learnt about primary colours, secondary colours & colour mixing.  He mentioned that colour comes out of gems when we add water and only sugar is left behind and we should NOT eat gems. Thank you so much for such a well organised and fun filled workshop. It was a great experience and I’m glad we came across your page. We would love to be a part of such fun filled learning experiences and experiments in the future as well.


Highly recommended !

Being an educator & team leader myself, I resonate with “when the fun stops, learning stops” at so many levels. How do we bring the fun to learning? You need a passionate educator who can connect with kids of all ages irrespective of their interests. That is CURIOSITY KIDS in a nutshell .It has worked with kids of all ages, and they all thoroughly learnt & enjoyed .That speaks volumes about the kind of joy & knowledge Ms Rahat instills in the children. Even 3-6 years old attended the classes calmly and it was the highlight of their day.

Nidhi Chopra

Principal, La Blossoms School, Jalandhar

The teacher was very good

Learnt about the density of liquids and the states of matter. Also the dos and don’ts in a chemistry lab and the various lab equipments used in a lab.
Exciting class and easy to understand concepts of science,


Why Curiosity Kids

Curiosity Kids offers practical science experiment classes to children, to foster the habit of observing and exploring. Children perform science experiments themselves and understand the practical application of various scientific concepts in their daily lives – making learning enjoyable and interesting. This early exposure to science helps develop and nurture curiosity and creativity in young minds. Teaching science from a young age in an engaging manner helps create a positive outlook towards the subject.

About Us

Who are we

We are a STEM accredited, award winning company offering live science experiment classes to children upto the age of 9 years with a presence in Hong Kong, India and Singapore.


Our Aim

We aim to foster the natural curiosity in children and help them develop a habit of observing and exploring. Helping children connect with science at an early age and observe its application in their surroundings helps in developing a positive mindset towards science at an early age.

What we do

We run online and offline science experiment experiences where children perform the experiments themselves. We also offer holiday themed science camps/workshops and science themed birthday parties which are just as entertaining as they are educational.