• Please ensure a caretaker is contactable during the class/camp/workshop. These are drop off events and please be on time to drop off and pick up the child. Parents will be responsible for picking up the children after the class/camp/workshop. We will only hand over the child to the registered caretaker/parent.
  • Please let us know of any allergies or medical conditions your child may have.
  • Fees paid are non-refundable and there is no make-up class/camp/workshop if the student is absent without a valid reason (sickness, injury, etc.)
  • For the session to be run, there should be a minimum of 3 paid registrations.
  • If CKIPL decides to cancel the event under any circumstances, credit will be issued to parents.
  • Children have to follow appropriate covid-19 protocol as mandated by the local Government at the time of the class/camp/workshop.

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