Curiosity Kids offers Online Science Experiment Experiences for 5 to 9 years old.

Children explore a new age appropriate topic every month (4 weeks), through 4 weekly sessions (45 mins each) – by performing a new experiment in every session, using things easily available at home.

  • Out of the multiple slots available – children can pick a suitable slot (weekday/time), which would remain the same for the 4 weekly sessions of the given month.
  • ┬áThe list of materials required (most materials are easily available at home) is shared in advance.
  • Class Size: Group Class – Maximum 6 students; Private class (Parents can form their own group) – Maximum 4 students
  • Age Group: 5 – 9 yrs


Group class: Rs. 1200/- for 4 sessions

Private class: Rs. 4800/- for 4 sessions

Month Topic
Nov 2022 Solar System
Oct 2022 Festive Theme !
Sep 2022 Human Body Systems
Aug 2022 Human Body Systems