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1. Curiosity Kids classes are designed to explore science in a way that children enjoy and learn at the same time 

2. All the classes are hands-on (i.e. each child performs the experiments themselves) 

3. It fosters curiosity and encourages creativity in young children by encouraging them to ask questions

4. Learning science concepts in an experiment based environment makes understanding complex science concepts easier

5. Developing a positive mindset towards science as a subject 

6. Performing experiments using materials easily available at home helps children understand the application of science in their everyday lives and surroundings, thus bringing the textbook concepts to life for them

7. We encourage children to share their observations/learnings with other children and teachers – to help boost their confidence & communication skills

After parents submit the booking form we will send an email with the confirmed time slots and payments details. Bookings will be confirmed once the fee is paid 

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